Thursday, May 22, 2014

Janet Ranson, Witsands, Western Cape

Hokusai's Wave by Janet Ranson, on Witsands Beach during the second land art gathering organized for 18 May 2014, by Site_Specific artists in the Western Cape.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Land Art Walk: Hermanus

Land Art Walk: Hermanus

On the southern coastline of South Africa, a diverse landscape of natural beauty awaits. Join a guided ecological and creative experience over three days.

In conjunction with the Hermanus Fynarts Festival
Artist, Simon Max Bannister along with Galeo Saintz have envisioned an exciting methodology of walking and creating. Traversing different biomes, participant are introduced and coached in the practice of land art. This sensitive and fascinating way of engaging with nature brings insight into the ecological processes at work and inspires new ways of seeing. Participants are picked up in the mornings and taken to different beautiful areas around Hermanus. The walking is easy and achievable for all ages.

13 June: Estuary and Beach (next to Piet se Bos).
Spend a day bare feet in the warm water learning about the delicate ecology of the Estuary. Interpret a bird's life by nest making while reflecting on the ever shifting waters of this dynamic biome. The beach beckons and beholds the treasures of the ocean, learn to read the cryptic signs of currents and collaborate in their story telling. Creating ephemeral sculpture with site specific materials we sensitively co create with the environment. This is a very easy walk of not more than 5 km, tea and lunch provided, 8h30 to 17h00.

14 June: Milkwood coastal forest (inside Piet se Bos Park). 
In the dappled light of this meandering coastal forest, we will tangibly experience how the branches have created this cathedral and then go on to co-create with them. Learn about the techniques of making ephemeral eco-conscious land art while creating works of your own. This free flowing yet structured guided experience will enhance your ways of seeing nature and appreciating it. We will then creatively photograph our creations to make stunning images. This is a very easy walk of not more than 5 km, tea and lunch provided, 8h30 to 17h00.

15 June: Along the Rocky Coastline from Piet se Bos to the Harbour.
The rocky coastline offers the dramatic scenery of Hermanus' cliffs to accompany the making of land art. Walking the meandering pathway as it twists and turn through the landscape we will discover coves and outcrops that become the canvas of our ephemeral art works. By picking up the story of the coastline's treasures we draw from our natural instinct to create with stones, driftwood and shells. This is a very easy walk of not more than7 km, tea and lunch provided, 8h30 to 17h00. All creations will be beautifully photographed and available for download.

Date: Sunday 15 June at 18:00
Tickets R60  Scholars R30  Early Bird R50
Venue: Windsor Hotel (Hermanus Central)
Simon will do a presentation of the artworks created by festival-goers on three days of walking in three different biomes within 5km of Hermanus. Simon will also talk about his experiences and approach to Land Art.

Dates: 13, 14 and 15 June  from 08:30 - 16:00

Tickets R2000 per day includes lunch and transport
Meeting place: Info Kiosk, Old Harbour 


If you would like to find out more and walk with us as we explore the 
interactive capacity land art has to increase our understanding of nature, 
ecology and the creative spirit, then please get in contact.

Exploring Land Art Video Explanation

Copyright © 2014 Simon Max Bannister, All rights reserved. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Andrew van der Merwe, Witsands, Western Cape

Sand calligraphy by Andrew van der Merwe, on Witsands Beach during the second land art gathering organized for 18 May 2014, by Site_Specific artists in the Western Cape.

"'n hand vol gruis", Andrew van der Merwe, Witsands Beach, 2014

"scorn this meaningless play", Andrew van der Merwe, Witsands Beach, 2014

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

We are part of nature

Lynn Bennett- Mackenzie during GNAP Korea 2014.

"We are part of nature, but too often we forget, assuming our superiority, aiming to control and manipulate nature for our own ends. Working in the natural environment with the materials that are provided there brings our attention to the potential and versatility of what is right in front of us. It raises awareness, makes you look at the world differently and consider how we treat the environments which we inhabit. New landscapes bring new perspectives, cultural differences, but essentially we are one living organism which should be awarded more respect."

Join the conversation with Site_Specific's Anni Snyman who participated in the GLOBAL NOMADIC ART PROJECT (GNAP) 2014 presented by YATOOi, South Korea.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Join the Conversation! Add your questions online before 12 May 2014

Anni Snyman (co-ordinator of Site_Specific) has just arrived back from South Korea after a three week Nature Art tour as part of the Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP) which culminated in an exhibition on the 1st of May 2014, Geumgang Nature Art Centre.

Twenty nine artists, critics, and supporting staff travelled around the southern parts of Korea, working in the field using natural materials and their bodies as they went. The trip was a pilot project for similar ventures in Asia 2015, Africa & Middle East 2016, Europe 2017, and America 2018. Invited members included Ko Seung-hyun; Ri Eung-woo; Jeon Won-gil; Lee Jae-eun; Ko Soon-ho; Kim Yong-min; Cho Kyu-hyun; Ko Hyun-hie; Jung Jang-Jig; Kwon O-yeol; Park Bong-gi; Kim Soon-im; Choi Yong-sun; Chung Hye-ryung; Hur Kang; Kim Sung-ho; Kim Young-ho; Yoon Jin-sup (South Korea) and Zhang Kai Qin (China); Somu Desai (India); Anni Snyman (South Africa); Mahmud Maktabi (Iran); Rumen Dimitrov (Bulgaria); Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie (UK,Scotland); Alpar Peter (Hungary); Saulius Valius (Lithuania); Diana Radaviciute (Lithuania); Delphine Saurat(France); and Reka Varallyay (Hungary).

Please join us in an online interview and conversation with Anni on the experiences and insights gained. Click ‘going’ to follow the interview, and start posting your questions before Monday 12 May 2014 on the event wall, even if you can’t attend the allocated time slot.  Hopefully some of her fellow travellers will be able to join us ~

ONLINE Q&A : GNAP KOREA 2014 with Anni Snyman

One of our key values states: "Embedded within all it’s activities, Site_Specific holds education as it’s key role, aiming to influence minds and paradigms around issues of environment, community, culture, and artistic practice.”

Please join the conversation!