Friday, July 19, 2013

Land Art by Annie le Roux

I very recently became aware of the work of Anni le Roux, a very inspiring and nature-connected artist based in Plettenberg Bay - which is where I'll get the chance to meet her in person during the Site_Specific Land Art Biennale next month! 

I fell in love with the simplicity in Annie's work. She creates simple forms, primarily circular shapes, from natural materials found in the landscape, and each seems to echo the essence of the landscape but also the universe - atoms in space, a flare of energy, each unique and dynamic. Simple. Beautiful. Authentic.

"Annie le Roux’s work echoes the simplicity of natural cells. Using natural shapes and textures found on site in discrete subtle colour combinations, it is reminiscent of pre-historic mark making and enigmatic rock art of the Khoi-San. Mother Earth and her effect on the human psyche is the source of Annie’s inspiration. She sees Nature as her mentor, muse and healer."

It is only in the primordial landscape of the wild where silence, smells, wind, tides, sun, dust and rain still has a profound transcendent and palpable impact on our awareness and state of being. This consciousness in turn accentuates our vulnerability, nurtures our humility, and fosters the tender sense of our human limitations. It is from this fragile space where I am inspired to start my work” - Annie le Roux

To see more of her work, go to

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