Thursday, June 26, 2014

Monthly Cape Land Art session - JUNE:Tokai

For the past three months, artists have been meeting once a month in a different location close to Cape Town. For the June gathering 10 artists met in Tokai Forest to create temporary site-specific pieces. 

June Artists:
Janet Botes, Janet Ranson, Cheryl Traub Adler, Andrew van der Merwe, Andrée Bonthuys, Robert Bolus, Chris Lochner, Nina Faasen and Klara-Marie Den Heijer

Chris Lochner used large, elongated pieces of bark (which he mostly had to create through breaking the bark into these tall figures), stuck into the bark - part of the work submerged in the stream.

One of the works that Andrée Bonthuys created, using flowers and thorns, on a tree stump.

Janet Ranson explains her process and thinking behind her quirky dominoes - bringing a playful element into the roadbuilding activities next to the plantations, and using manmade and natural materials together effectively.

Circle in a fence, created from fern leaves by Janet Ranson.

Wattle branches were used to create these arches, by Nina Faasen and Klara-Marie Den Heijer

Andrew van Merwe, known for his beach calligraphy, wrote 'cliché's' onto an abandoned concrete pillar with mud, using his forefinger as brush or pen. Here he shows and explains to his fellow artists how he had to adapt the direction of the strokes that form his letters to suit this new 'medium'.

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